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1. What are the locations of the parking garages and municipal lots?
2. What are the fees for parking garages and municipal lots?
3. How do I obtain a "No Parking" sign, and is there a cost?
4. Can any resident obtain a "Residential Parking Permit" and is there a cost? Does a "Residential Parking Permit" allow parking anywhere in the city?
5. What is the "Park and Shop" program?
6. What is the "Courtesy Parking" program?
7. I should not have gotten this citation. Can the police void it?
8. How do I pay my fines?
9. I requested that my citation be reviewed and was unsatisfied with the results or I want to request a trial date to have a hearing on the merits.
10. I paid my fines. Why am I still getting delinquent notices?
11. What if I ignore the notice or fail to pay my fines?
12. What is a "scofflaw"?
13. What happens if a vehicle is abandoned?
14. Are there special reserved parking spaces?
15. Where do I park if I am called to jury duty?
16. Are there any accomodations made for library patrons?