100 W Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701




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Criminal Investigation Division 
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Name Title Email Phone
Alcorn, A/Lt. Andrew Commander 240-674-2612
Strong, A/Sgt. Kacie Supervisor Criminal Investigation Division 240-578-5682
Palkovic, Cpl. Joseph Asst. Supervisor Criminal Investigations Division 240-674-7773
Garcia, Cpl. Jorge Asst. Supervisor Investigative Section 240-674-7027
Preece, Sgt. Reed Supervisor Drug Enforcement Unit 240-608-5271
Schultz, Cpl. Jonathan Asst. Supervisor Drug Enforcement Unit 240-674-1908
Shatlock, Sgt. Jonathan Sgt. Street Crimes Unit 301-748-4278
Gunder, Cpl. Jeff Asst. Supervisor Street Crimes Unit 240-674-7116

Fiscal Unit 

Name Title Email Phone
Reader, Heather Fiscal Affairs Manager 301-600-2108
Hall, Rachel Administrative Assistant 301-600-3842

FPD Personnel 

Name Title Email Phone
Alvarez, Marlon Officer First Class 240-549-4453
Alston, Deborah Dispatcher 301-600-2156
Ames, Doug Officer First Class 240-674-6811
Angle, Morgan Officer 240-549-4509
Antczak, Ashley Officer 240-549-4538
Bednar, Raymond Officer First Class 301-600-2102
Bentley, George Officer 240-549-4534
Brown, Robert Records Specialist 301-600-1243
Brown, Steven Officer First Class 240-549-4540
Brum, Amy Officer 240-549-4543
Buntley, Willie Officer 240-840-1485
Burack, Mark Heroin Coordinator 240-344-2880
Chiaravalloti, Christopher Officer First Class 240-674-2602
Clark, James Officer 240-549-4529
Cline, Amanda Officer 301-676-7170
Thompson, Hannah Officer 240-575-8932
Coady, Andrew Officer 240-549-4542
Cobleigh, Jennifer Crime Analyst 301-600-2116
Constantine, Joseph Officer 240-549-4467
Corrado, Christopher Officer 301-676-6979
Cosgray, Brian Officer 240-529-6416
Davies, Benjamin Officer First Class 240-549-4539
Deatrich, Tyler Officer 240-549-4541
Deal, Durrell Officer 240-549-4597
Dewees, David Officer 240-409-0280
Diggs, Cheryl Records Specialist 301-600-2132
Dodson, James Officer First Class 240-549-4615
Donato, Francis Police Officer 240-344-8856
Doyle, Tianna Officer First Class 240-409-1593
Edwards, Thomas Officer 240-549-4448
Elias, Joshua Officer 240-840-1978
English, Caitlin Crime Analyst 301-600-1238
Eshbaugh, Jamie Records Specialist 301-600-2129
Evans, Sara Officer 240-344-6948
Fairburn, Daniel Officer 240-586-0193
Feltham, Nikole Background Investigator 301-600-1211
Figgers, Ron Fleet Manager 240-586-0272
Fogle, Eric Officer 240-549-4722
Folden, William Officer First Class 240-409-3987
Garcia, Jorge Officer First Class 240-674-7027
Geiser, Sean Officer First Class 240-549-4459
Genovese, Peter Officer First Class 301-600-2102
Gerand, Daniel Police Officer 240-409-6459
Golden, David Officer First Class 301-573-5220
Green, Gerald Officer 240-549-4706
Gregware, Aaron Officer 240-367-5096
Grigsby, Scott Officer First Class 301-600-2102
Grimes, Daniel Officer 240-549-4438
Grunwell, Michael Officer 240-586-0323
Hamilton, Nicole Officer 240-549-4562
Henneberry, Jenny Special Vehicle Coordinator 301-600-2122
Herman, Christopher Officer First Class 240-459-4608
Hess, Robert Officer 240-549-4456
Hurley, Nicholas Officer 301-676-7204
Inman, Derek Officer 240-549-4468
Irons, Matthew Officer First Class 240-674-8942
Jansson, Dawn Officer First Class 240-549-4545
Johnston, Jeremy Officer 240-549-4787
Joseph, Jestin Officer 240-549-4527
Johnston, Jeremy Officer 301-600-6259
Jones, Kyle Officer First Class 240-674-7058
Kemp, Douglas Officer First Class 240-549-4782
Kidwell, Deborah Officer First Class 240-549-4472
Kisner, Jo Ann Records Specialist 301-600-4051
Kopel, Keith Officer 240-367-5533
Kowalsky, Kristen Officer 240-549-4462
Lawson, Charles Officer First Class 240-549-4546
Lawson, Randy Officer First Class 240-549-4461
Lawson, Tony Officer First Class 240-549-4469
Lee, Margery Officer 240-549-4783
Loftis, Gregory Officer First Class 240-674-8941
Long, Kevin Officer 240-549-4535
Long, Scott Officer 240-549-4609
Malatesta, Paul Officer First Class 240-674-7775
Mangot, Alexander Officer 240-549-4451
McGregor, Scott Officer First Class 240-549-4480
McGrew, Michael Officer 240-549-4465
McKinney, Sean Officer 240-578-5683
McPeak, Anthony Officer First Class 240-578-6584
Milyard, Wade Officer First Class 240-440-1469
Moen, Deborah Warrant Specialist 301-600-2126
Molina, Richard Officer First Class 240-440-1271
Molina-Jaramillo, Jonathan Officer 301-676-2350
Morgan, Michael Background Investigator 240-674-7080
Morton, Eric Officer 240-344-8747
Murphy, Michael Officer 240-674-7787
Myers, Kevin Officer First Class 240-549-4451
Newcomer, Cris IT Manager 301-600-2121
Palmer, Desiree Officer 240-549-6416
Payne, Samantha Officer First Class 240-549-4519
Poore, Katherine Officer First Class 301-600-2102
Prior, Christopher Officer First Class 240-674-7771
Pyon, Scott Officer First Class 240-549-4455
Quintin, Robert Officer 240-549-4536
Radtke, Stephen Detective 240-549-4579
Rafter, Katherine Police Officer 301-600-2102
Renchy, Danielle Crime Scene Technician 240-549-4560
Rippeon, Nicholas Officer 240-549-4784
Roberts, Kerry Records Specialist 301-600-6212
Rochford, Richard Background Investigator 301-600-1211
Ross, Charles Officer 240-344-9731
Salahov, Andrey Officer 240-840-1049
Santangelo, Gregory Officer 240-344-6314
Schultz, Jonathan Officer 240-674-1908
Scott, Darrick Officer First Class 240-549-4561
Sharpe, Christopher Detective 240-549-4522
Shepardson, Scott Officer First Class 240-440-1675
Skelly, Rebecca Officer 301-676-8302
Smith, Grant Officer 240-409-4070
Spevak, Patrick Officer First Class 301-600-2102
Stanfield, Linda Record Specialist 301-600-2115
Stanley, Christopher Officer 240-440-3513
Stephenson, Douglas Officer First Class 240-446-5217
Stotler, Ryan Officer 240-549-4537
Swann, Sabrina Crime Scene Technician 301-600-1890
Walsleben, Connor Officer 240-549-4530
Weaver, Michael Officer First Class 240-549-4532
Wharton, Patrick Officer 240-549-4708
Wheeler, Joseph Officer First Class 240-549-4544
Wolfe, Kyrie Detective 240-549-4450
Yohe, Sheena Officer First Class 240-549-4533

LGBTQ Police Liaison  

Name Title Email Phone
Carrado, Sgt. Rebecca Supervisor Outreach Team 240-674-2606
Geiser, Sean Officer First Class 240-549-4459

Office of the Chief 

Name Title Email Phone
Hargis, Edward Chief of Police 301-600-1216
Grossman, Captain Patrick Deputy Chief of Police 301-600-2094
Sommers, Captain Dwight Deputy Chief of Police 301-600-2099
Chinn, Jennifer Office Manager 301-600-2718
Bowman, Michele Public Information / Outreach Coordinator 301-600-2091

Patrol Division 1 
Link: About the Division

Name Title Email Phone
Corbett, Lt. John Commander, Patrol Division 1 301-748-5962

Patrol Division 2 

Name Title Email Phone
Meyer, A/Lt. Kevin Commander, Patrol Division 2 240-446-8959

Patrol and NAC Supervisors 

Name Title Email Phone
Pecor, Sgt. Mark Supervisor Squad A; NAC 6&7 240-674-6787
Strong, Cpl. Kacie Supervisor Squad A; NAC 6 & 7 240-578-5682
Evans, A/Cpl. Sara Corporal 240-344-6948
Essel, Cpl. Jason Asst. Supervisor Squad A; NAC 6 & 7 301-748-6199
Snyder, Sgt. Charlie Supervisor Squad B; NAC 9&10 240-674-7806
Borns, Cpl. Corey Asst. Supervisor Squad B; NAC 9&10 240-549-4466
Sparks, Cpl. Stephanie Asst. Supervisor Squad B; NAC 9 & 10 240-549-4658
Thomas, Sgt. Justin Asst. Supervisor Squad C; NAC 3 & 4 240-578-5073
Stream, Cpl. Shannon Asst. Supervisor Squad C; NAC 3&4 240-367-5808
Wilson, Cpl. Benjamin Asst. Supervisor Squad C; NAC 3 & 4 240-529-5806
Pior, Sgt. Chris Supervisor Squad D; NAC 5 240-674-7771
Wolf, Cpl. Brian Asst. Supervisor Squad D; NAC 5 240-549-4470
Carpenter, Cpl. Sean Asst. Supervisor Squad D; NAC 5 240-549-4576
Brown, Sgt. Vince Supervisor Squad E; NAC 1&2 240-674-7036
Forrest, Cpl. Ryan Asst. Supervisor Squad E; NAC 1&2 240-409-6861
Petruzzello, Sgt. Steven Supervisor Squad G; NAC 8 & 12 240-674-7149
Temple, Cpl. Simon Supervisor Squad G; NAC 8 & 12 240-674-7202
Wiles, Sgt. Tracey Supervisor Directed Patrol Unit 301-748-6273
Alger, Cpl. Andrew Asst. Supervisor Directed Patrol Unit 240-409-3108

Professional Services Division 
Link: About the Division

Name Title Email Phone
Carr, Lt. Sean Commander 240-674-7779
Carrado, Sgt. Matt Supervisor Internal Affairs Unit (240) 674-0778
Marker, Robert Safe Streets Coordinator 301-600-1242
Boisclair, Suzan Victim Services Supervisor 301-600-1356
Keiser, Stephanie Automated Enforcement Coordinator 301-600-7531

Report Crime Anonymously 


Text: 240-674-8477

Special Operations Division 
Link: About the Division

Name Title Email Phone
Beliveau, Lt. Paul Commander SOD 240-674-7782
Carrado, Sergeant Rebecca Supervisor Outreach Team 240-674-2606
Wiles, Sgt. Tracey Supervisor Directed Patrol Unit & NAC 11 301-748-6273
Alger, Cpl. Andrew Asst. Supervisor Directed Patrol Unit & NAC 11 240-409-3108
Wivell, Meredith False Alarm Reduction Coordinator 301-600-2139

Support Services Division 
Link: About the Division

Name Title Email Phone
Hayer, Lieutenant Joe Commander 301-730-6695
Meyer, Sgt. Kevin Supervisor Training Unit 240-446-8959
Sullivan, Cpl. Daniel Cpl. Training Unit 240-344-3073
Forrest, Cpl. Kevin Supervisor Personnel Unit 301-748-7122

Technology and Services Division 
Link: About the Division

Name Title Email Phone
Lapp, Lt. Aaron Commander 240-674-7313
White, John Supervisor Communications 301-600-2141
Hill, Tyler Assistant Supervisor Communications 301-401-7584
Kelly, E. Dana Supervisor Records and Accreditation 301-600-2136
Pearl, Jennifer Assistant Records Supervisor 301-600-2130
Records Division, Fax     301-600-1722