Utility Rates

Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Water & Sewer Rate Comparison

Quarterly Rates

TierFY 2018 RatesFY 2019 RatesPercent Increase
Less than 6,0003.623.723.0%
6,001 to 16,0005.255.413.0%
16,001 to 24,0005.555.723.0%
24,001 to 32,0005.805.973.0%
Greater than 32,0016.296.483.0%

Base Change

Meter SizeFY 2018 RatesFY 2019 RatesPercent Increase
Greater than 8001,122.511,156.193.0%

FY 2019 Stormwater Management Fee

Annual Rate to be billed quarterly.

DescriptionFY 2018 RatesFY 2019 RatePercent Increase
All property class types15.000016.500010%

Storm Water Management Fee

Storm water is created when water, mostly rain, cannot be absorbed into the ground. Most residential properties have about 30% impervious surface, multi-residential and commercial properties have about 70% impervious surface, and agricultural or country clubs have about 5% impervious surface. Impervious means the ground is covered and water cannot be absorbed, i.e. house, driveway, parking lot, etc. The City is processing that runoff in its sewer systems.

The Bay Restoration Fund Fee (Flush Tax)

All wastewater treatment plant owners have been mandated by the State of Maryland (Senate Bill 320, May 26, 2004) to collect Bay Restoration Fund Fees (BRF) from their users and forward the funds collected to the State of Maryland. The BRF is a dedicated fund that will be used to upgrade sewer plants, and pay for farmland crop cover to reduce nitrogen flows into Maryland waters. Customers will see this BRF fee on Utility bills effective January 1, 2005.

New rates were established during the 2012 Maryland State legislative session, House Bill 446. The new rates will be utilized effective July 1, 2012. The following charges apply:

  • Residential customer will have an additional charge of $15 per quarter of BRF due on their water and sewer bill
  • Non-Residential customers will be billed at a rate of $15 per quarter per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU)

For additional information, call the Maryland Department of Environment at 410-537-3567 or visit their website.

Calculation of Water & Sewer Bill

Base Charge: For a .75 inch meter is $39.87/91.25 days equals $0.4369 per day for water and $0.4369 per day for sewer (see Rate Schedule for other meter sizes). Multiply the daily rate times the number of days on your bill for both Water and Sewer.

Consumption Charges

TierRate per Thousand
Less than 6,000$3.72
6,001 to 16,000$5.41
16,001 to 24,000$5.72
24,001 to 32,000$5.97
Greater than 32,000$6.48

Calculation Example

Consumption volume per tier fluctuates based on the actual number of days in your billing cycle. For example:

A bill with actual number of days equals 95 days and consumption of 20,000 gallons:

  • Step 1:
    • 6,000 divided by 91.25 days equals 65.7534 per day
    • 65.7534 times 95 days equals 6,247 gallons which gets rounded to the nearest hundredth (6,200) charged using the 1st tier rate
    • 6,200 divided by 1,000 times $3.72 equals $23.06
  • Step 2:
    • 16,000 minus 6,000 equals 10,000 gallons in 2nd tier for a typical 91.25 day billing.
    • 10,000/91.25 days equals 109.589 per day
    • 109.589 times 95 days equals 10,411 which gets rounded to the nearest hundredth (10,400) gallons allowed to be charged using 2nd tier rate
    • Original consumption equals 20,000 minus 6,200 (1st Tier) equals 13,800 remaining
    • 10,400 divided by 1,000 times $5.41 equals $56.26
  • Step 3:
    • 24,000 minus 16,000 equals 8,000 gallons in 3rd tier for a typical 91.25 day billing.
    • 8,000 divided by 91.25 days equals 87.6712 per day
    • 87.6712 times 95 days equals 8,329 which gets rounded to the nearest hundredth (8,300) gallons allowed to be charged using 3rd tier rate
    • Original consumption 20,000 minus 6,200 (1st tier) minus 10,400 (2nd tier) equals 3,400 consumption remaining.
    • 3,400 divided by 1,000 times $5.72 equals $19.45

Total Water consumption cost equals $23.06 plus 56.26 plus 19.45 equals $98.77.

The Sewer Service charge is the sum of the base charge and all volume charges for Water Service.