Kelly Russell


Kelly Russell is serving her fourth term as Alderman. Ms. Russell is a lifelong resident of Maryland, and has lived in the City of Frederick since 1983.

She is the owner and steward of an historic home in the College Park neighborhood of the city. She enjoys working in her yard and on home restoration projects.

Employment & Retirement

She is a graduate of the 25th Frederick Police Academy, and served for 22 years with the Frederick Police Department. She retired as commander of the Human Resources Division in June of 2005. After retirement, Alderman Russell received Mayoral appointments to serve on the city’s Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Community Service

She serves on:

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Downtown Frederick Partnership
  • MWCOG’s Transportation Planning Board
  • Planning Commission
  • Transportation Services Advisory Council (TSAC)
  • Downtown Safety and Services Initiative (DSSI)
  • South Frederick Corridors Plan Scoping Group
  • Frederick County Coalition for the Homeless (FCCH) - Homelessness Safety Committee