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Historic Preservation Commission Application Forms

Historic Preservation Commission Fees

Historic Preservation Commission Application Process

General steps for property owners/agents:

  1. Review the design guidelines and contact a historic preservation planner with any questions.
  2. Submit a completed application to the Planning Department.
  3. Post public a public notice sign provided by the Planning Department at the property for 10 days, if required.
  4. Attend a hearing, if required.
  5. Obtain a Certificate of Approval and apply for building/zoning permits.

Process Documents

Tax Credit Applications

COVID-19 Update: 

The Historic Preservation Tax Credit deadline has been extended until April 30, 2020. Applications will be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission once the meetings resume.  After review and approval by the Historic Preservation Committee, the tax credit will be calculated and forwarded to the County in a timely fashion. If the tax credits are not included on the July 1 tax bill, the County will send out an amended tax bill.  If the tax bill has been paid, property owners will receive a refund of the tax credit. Those who wait for a revised tax bill may see impacts on the discount/interest amount.