Planning Department


In order to support the practice of good planning, the Planning Department strives to provide leadership in assisting City representatives in making informed decisions concerning land use, built environment, and heritage resources. Through education, the Planning Department assists in responding to the defined needs of the City and provides information and recommendations to citizens and decision-makers of the City of Frederick so jointly a long term sustainable vision can be achieved.

Development Database

Development Map Opens in new windowThe City's Development Database is provided to give residents, business owners, and the development of community insight into the projects that are currently pending review with the Division of Planning.  Once you launch the database you will view a map of all pending development in Frederick. Click the picture or here to enter.

Planning Projects Online

The City of Frederick is pleased to allow the public to view all building permits and planning projects online using the Citizen Access Module.


Do you want to know the zoning of your property or to print out a map of your house?  Use the SpiresGIS General Map

Topics of Interest

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