Charter Review Public Engagement

The City of Frederick is embarking on a Charter Review process to review and recommend changes to the governing document for the The City. Public engagement in this process is essential, and the City's Charter Review Committee will be continuously seeking input from residents throughout the process. The Charter Review will consider changes in the following areas: Elections and Election Administration, Legislative Body and Structure of Government, Charter Sections to be Relocated and Procedural Issues. 

  1. Elections and Election Administration
  2. Sections to Relocate
  3. Procedural Issues
  4. Legislative Body and Structure of Government

Issues being considered

The Charter Review Committee is identifying opportunities to improve elections and election administration in The City of Frederick. Several of the items being discussed include but are not limited to:

Residents can learn more about this topic as the Committee discusses it on April 20. Meetings can be viewed in City Hall, Channel 99, or at

Residents can find more information about the make-up of the committee, agendas and minutes, and track the committee's progress here.

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