ADA Intersections and Corridor Improvements

ADA Intersections and Corridor Improvements CIP 340008


This ongoing project consists of the design and construction of pedestrian improvements at intersections and along sidewalk corridors to improve accessibility and meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Improvements will include new pedestrian signals, ADA ramps, signs, and striping at intersections and replacement of select segments of sidewalk along street corridors.  To accommodate necessary pedestrian improvements, ancillary utility relocations and minor road repairs will also be constructed.  

List of completed projects to date

Completed to Date

  1. Hayward Rd at Arrowhead Dr 
  2. Carroll Pkwy at Kline Blvd 
  3. East St at Peter's Lane 
  4. Rosemont Ave at Fairview Ave 
  5. S Carroll St at Clark Pl 
  6. E Church St at E 2nd St 
  7. E Patrick St at N Wisner Ave (Ph. 1) 
  8. Madison St at Lincoln ES Entrance Dr
  9. West 2nd St and College Ave

List of ongoing and planned projects

FY 2023 PlannedFY 2024 Planned
Key Pkwy at Willowdale DrWillow Rd at Angell Ave
Key Pkwy at Waverly DrBel Aire Dr at Dulaney Dr
Taney Ave at Wilson Pl (completed)Bel Aire Dr at Rock Creek Trail Crossing
W Second St at Talley Rec Center (completed)S Jefferson St at Prospect Blvd (Ph. 1)
Christopher’s Crossing at Whittier Dr (S)Schifferstadt Blvd at Fredericktowne Village Trail Crossing
East Patrick St at N Wisner Ave (Ph. 2)N Maxwell Ave between E 4th St and E 5th St
Sagner Ave at S Wisner St (completed) 
W 2nd St at Upper College Terrace