Signal and Intersection Improvements

As growth and traffic increases, certain intersections meet thresholds for new traffic control signals, additional lanes, pedestrian crossings and/ or other operational or safety improvements. If not designed and built directly by a developer as part of their development responsibilities, the City tracks the need and plans for these projects through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget process. Developers contribute a pro-rata share to these projects based on projected new traffic volumes. The following projects are managed by the City and are in various stages of planning, design and/ or construction. Please see the latest CIP budget book for detailed budgetary information.  

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Yellow Springs Road and Tuscanney Drive:  CIP# 320016

Status:  90% design. Planned for construction:  2023

Rosemont Ave and Baughman’s Lane :  CIP#320103

Status:  60% design.   Planned for construction:  2024

East Street and East All Saints:  CIP#340403

Status:  60% design.   Planned for construction:  2024