East Street Rails with Trails

Project Introduction

East Street Rails with Trails will build bicycle infrastructure from Monocacy Boulevard to the downtown Frederick MARC station along the old Pennsylvania Railroad line. Frederick County is currently working on a connector project that will take bike infrastructure all the way to Woodsboro. Rails with Trails has four phases, along with a possible bypass:

  1. Phase 1, a set of "sharrows" (pavement markings) from the MARC Station to East 7th Street.
  2. Phase 2, a shared-use path along East Street's east side from East 8th Street to 800 feet south of the US15/MD 26 interchange.
  3. Phase 3, extending the shared-use path directly north to just past Clemson Corner, including a bridge over the interchange.
  4. Phase 3A, a potential bypass of the bridge that would extend the path east along the south side of MD 26 to Wormans Mill Road.
  5. Phase 4, an extension of the shared-use path from Clemson Corner to Monocacy Boulevard, where it will connect with the county segment.

Vital Data

Design Report (Large PDF)
Design Sheets (Large PDF)
Project Map
Total cost: $9.33 million
Length: 3.4 miles
Capital Improvement Program Number: 380004

Project Status

Phase 1: East All Saints Street to East 7th Street

Phase 1 is complete.

The project has been completed.

Phase 2: East 8th Street to 800 feet south of US15/MD 26 interchange

Estimated cost: $590,000
Currently, the city has funding for 100% design and construction, 80% of which is funded by the Maryland Transportation Alternatives Program, managed by the State Highway Administration. It is currently awaiting environmental approval to proceed.

The concept, outreach, and 30% design phases are complete. 100% design has begun.

Phase 3: South of the US15/MD 26 interchange to Clemson Corner

Estimated cost: $5.94 million
The city has applied for a federal RAISE Grant to fund 80% of this project, with the remaining funds coming from the city's Capital Improvement Program.The concept and first outreach phases are complete. Design has not begun.

Phase 3 Bypass

Estimated cost: $1.7 million
Project Design Document (to come)
Given the high cost of Phase 3, a potential bypass would allow the city to save money while still connecting Phase 2 with Phase 4.

The concept, first outreach, and 30% design phases are complete. The second outreach phase not begun

Phase 4: Clemson Corner to Monocacy Boulevard

Estimated cost: $1.1 million
This final phase is a shared-use path and will complete the city's section of this trail. The City has recently won a grant to complete design and

The concept, first outreach, and 30% design phases are complete. The second outreach phase not begun