Homeless Assistance Programs

PATH Project

The federally funded PATH Project provides case management, outreach, and transportation services to people that are homeless and have a serious mental illness. Initiated in 1992, PATH Project staff work closely with therapists and psychiatrists from other agencies to ensure adequate access to mental health treatment services for people who are homeless. The ultimate goal of the program is to assist homeless individuals in finding housing.

SOAR Program

The SSI/SSDI Outreach, Assessment and Recovery or SOAR Program helps people who are homeless and disabled due to mental health conditions to apply for disability benefits available through the Social Security Administration. In addition, the SOAR case manager assists people with obtaining necessary documents, such as birth certificates and photo identification cards, needed to apply for benefits. 

Permanent Supportive Housing Program

The HHS Permanent Supportive Housing program provides onsite permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless, disabled single adults that meet eligibility requirements.  The HHS Housing First program provides off-site single unit housing for chronically homeless, disabled adults who meet eligibility requirements. Families or adults with children are not eligible for these housing programs.