Butterfly Lane

Current Detour Plan

Due to rain delays and work associated with the concurrent road project, the temporary closure of Butterfly Lane between McCain Drive and Himes Avenue has been extended to June 12, 2020. During this time, contractors will work to complete the utility improvements required for the construction of the City’s new water tank and road project. A detour will be in place to route traffic around the closure.


Project Overview

Butterfly Lane Realignment (CIP 320015) & Contender Way-Westside Regional Park (CIP 411202) 

This project is for the construction of approximately 2,000 linear feet of a four-lane minor arterial roadway extension of Himes Avenue, approximately 1,925 linear feet of a new two-lane local road (Contender Way), a roundabout with associated roadway improvements to Himes Avenue, one new parking lot for the future Westside Regional Park and base widening of approximately 1,800 linear feet of a portion of existing Butterfly Lane. The project will include installation of water main, sanitary sewer, storm drainage system, stormwater management facilities, concrete sidewalks and asphalt shared-use paths, landscaping, installation of street and parking lot lights, removal of the traffic signal at Butterfly Lane and Jefferson Pike (MD 180), and forest conservation plantings. 

Affiliated State Projects

The project will be completed in coordination with MDOT SHA Contract No. FR6785171 (MD180 West of Swallowtail Drive to I-70 Ramp Structure 10140, Project consists of a 4 Lane Urban Reconstruction).


Project Phases

This work will be accomplished in three phases: 

Phase 1 - June 2019 to May 2020

Construction of a new road from the intersection of Butterfly Lane and Himes Ave to MD 180 (Jefferson Pike) and Swallowtail Dr. New road named Himes Ave. 

Phase 2 - June 2019 to May 2020

Construction of a new road from the intersection of Butterfly Lane and McCain Drive  to the new Himes road. New road named Contender Way.

Phase 3 - June 2020

Setup detour to divert traffic to the newly constructed Himes Ave and Contender Way constructed in Phase 1 and 2. Close existing intersection MD 180 (Jefferson Pike) and Butterfly Lane.