Maps & Apps

The City of Frederick GIS and Technology Departments offer a wide range of print and dynamic maps, as well as web and mobile based applications. These maps and apps portray information and data that comes from a variety of city departments. This page serves as a collection of resources that would otherwise be found on different pages through the City website.

  1. SpiresGIS
  2. Data Portals
  3. Print Maps
  4. Mobile Apps

SpiresGIS Map Applications

  General Map  Dynamic mapping application allowing access to basic property information, visualization of geographic data, and creation of printer friendly maps.
 Open Application
  Development Map  Simple to use Google Map interface showing location and basic information about development projects throughout the city. Open Application
  Geodetic Control  Map showing the location and allowing download of data sheets for geodetic control points maintained by the City of Frederick Survey Department. Open Application
  Road Closures  Map interface showing current and future road closures maintained by the Maryland Department of Transportation. Open Application
  Snow Removal  Map showing the most up to date information available on the current show removal operation in the City. Note this application is only available during a snow event. Open Application