Local aviation history dates back to August 21, 1911 - when the first flight to Frederick occurred. The historic cross-country flight was made in a Wright B Airplane piloted by Lieutenant Hap Arnold, who took off at 6:34 a.m. from College Park and landed in Frederick, Maryland, at 7:23 am. Lieutenant Hap Arnold continued his career in military aviation and eventually became General of the United States Air Force. The copilot on the flight was Captain Chandler.

Construction at the present site of Frederick Municipal Airport began March 26, 1946, under the administration of Mayor Lloyd C. Culler. The first airplane to land in the grass at the new airport was a Stinson piloted by A.B. Sutherland on April 17, 1946. The City received a number of federal and state grants to construct runways, taxiways, and other facilities to support the airport. The airport was dedicated on April 27, 1949.

Black and White Image of the Airport