Parades / Walks / Races

If you would like to hold a parade, walk, or run on public property or within public right of way areas, please complete and submit the application at the link below.  Please see the listing of the event fees associated with having a parade, walk, or race. If you have any questions please email Sarah Stamper, Office Manager of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Application Processing Fee for Parades$200$200
Application Processing Fee for Races$100$100
Application Processing Fee for Walkathons$50$50

We encourage the use of City of Frederick approved routes.  At this time, we are not permitting any new special routes.  View the maps showing the City of Frederick approved routes.

Path NameDistance
Baker  Park 5K5k
Download (PDF)
Baker Park Walking PathN/ADownload (PDF)
Monocacy Park5k
Download (PDF)
Download (PDF)
Download (PDF)