The Purchasing Department is responsible for administrating purchasing policies, programs, and procedures for the acquisition of materials, equipment, supplies, services, and construction projects for all City of Frederick departments. The department also maintains and operates a central supply warehouse, which stocks approximately 3,000 items for all city departments.


The following policies have been established as guidelines for these services:
  • All goods, supplies, and services purchased for the city shall be made via the Purchasing Department.
  • The City of Frederick shall purchase goods and services from bona fide minority vendors whenever possible, providing cost, quality, and service are equal. The City of Frederick maintains a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program.
  • The City of Frederick's Ethics Ordinance, Chapter 21 of the Frederick City Code, shall govern all employee relations with vendors and those organizations under contract with the city.
  • The Purchasing Department may consider any evidence available regarding the financial, technical, and other qualifications and abilities of a bidder, including past performance (experience) with the city, in awarding a contract in order to best serve the interest of the city and the taxpaying citizens.

Frederick County Workforce Services FCWS

Businesses that apply for contracts with the Frederick city government are encouraged to take advantage of the many programs and resources available through Frederick County Workforce Services. The professionals at FCWS can provide you with swift and efficient recruitment and placement assistance as you begin the process of employing new workers. FCWS can also connect you with other valuable business services such as employee training programs, tax credits, and more. Please visit their website or call (301) 600-2255 to learn how you can save time and money by partnering with your local one-stop workforce center.

Online Sales Have Started!

Items available for online auction include, but are not limited to, county vehicles, printers, fax machines, computer equipment, and a variety of other miscellaneous surplus items. To register as a buyer and to view the items for sale online, please follow the link below: